Deborah Thorne

Founder and Chief Conflict Resolution Specialist

A Certified Mediator, Conflict Resolution Specialist, Author, Coach, Speaker and Trainer; Deborah Thorne has been providing conflict resolution services to schools, churches and community organizations for more than a decade. Her areas of expertise include: anger management, anti-bullying, conflict management, character building, developmental assets, mediation, parent education, peer court, and professional development. She is Founder and Chief Conflict Resolution Specialist for Kids First Conflict Resolution and Training Services and the Chief Executive Officer for Deborah Thorne and Associates.

She leads a team of professional conflict resolution specialists.  She is fond of saying “This is what our team members do for a living, not what they do in their spare time.”

Bullying? We Don’t Tolerate Bullying! There Is Something Parents Can Do, in Spanish, is the latest book authored by Ms. Thorne.

A sought after conference speaker, she has presented for: the California Charter School Association, California League of Middle Schools, California League of High Schools, Reaching At Promise Students Association, California Association of Supervisors of Child Welfare and Attendance, Council of Black Administrators, Western Regional Council on Education Black Children, National Alliance of Black School Educators, and The Big Tent conferences.